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  • Product: Electric Tar (Dust) Catcher (Efficient Electrostatic Equipment)
  • ID: 45

  Electric filter people often say in coal gas purification usually refers to honeycomb type electric tar catcher X-tube electric tar catcher, wet-type electrostatic precipitator, and sleeve type electric tar catcher for categories. Electric filter is an efficient gas treating plant, an ideal device for coal gas purification in coke ovens, ramsbottom carbon furnaces, generators, two-section furnaces, and vertical furnace, and is widely applied in coking, fertilizer, city gas, building material, ceramic, metallurgy and other enterprise production processes.

  Coal gas purification devices we produce fall into four types (this sample mainly introduces two efficient types)

  1. Honeycomb-type Electric Tar Precipitator Series: JY-FD-III (gas processing quantity: 3800-95000m³/h)
  2. Wet-type electrostatic precipitator series: JY-SGD-II (gas processing quantity: 4500-62000m³/h)

  Honeycomb-type, tube-type and electric tar catchers are widely applied in coking plants, ramsbottom carbon plants, ceramic factories, city gas, and fertilizer plants, mainly used in tar removing, light oil and low-content processes; and wet-type electrostatic precipitators are mainly applied for the purification of water gas and semi-water gas with blind coal and coke as raw materials, as well as producer gas.