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  • Product: Mechanized Tar and Ammonium Hydroxide Clarification Tank
  • ID: 5522

  Mechanized tar and ammonium hydroxide clarification tank is a major device of the cold drum electric fishing section and its main function is to separate the mixed coal tar and ammonium hydroxide liquor into ammonium hydroxide, coal tar and coke tar residue according to the settlement principle of separating coarse suspension liquid. Its structure is one end is a ramp bottom; the section is a rectangular steel plate welded ship container, which is divided into two parallel checks in the tough by a vertical partition plate, and the bottom of each check is set with a driving chain driven scraper conveyer. The tank can be operated continuously and discharge slag continuously.

  Supporting coking use series specifications with an annual output of 0.2 ~2.4 million tons, such as:

  Vη =95m³

  Vη =142m³

  Vη =340m³