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  • Product: Cooling Drum Slag Extractor
  • ID: b02

  Cooling drum slag extractor is a belt-type spiral solid conveying device built in the steel drum. The drum is placed on the supporting riding wheel, the slag flows via the material inlet to the drum and then is winched by the belt-type spiral blade and deduced into slag ash. The cooling water is sprayed on the outer wall of the drum to reduce the temperature of slag and ash in the drum. High-temperature slag dust is gradually cooled to around 230°C, then enters the humidifier, and then is further humidified and cooled by the water sprayed from the sprinkler pipe in the humidifier. The main uses are cool the hot slag exhausted from the overflow slag hole of the furnace in fluid bed, and hot mine dust (fine ash) exhausted from waste heat boilers (or burner gas coolers), cyclone dust collectors and electrostatic precipitators and convey them to the slag bin. Currently, the device has realized “specification serialization, main parts standardization”. In 2010, the device won the utility model patent for Environmentally Friendly Cooling Drum. Moreover, we have a professional construction team and a complete set of standard construction and inspection measures. After nearly 20 years of constant summarization and improvement to the device, we have made the equipment performance more improved. Especially treatment to the sealing part and improvement to the tail gas dust-removing device have minimized the environmental pollution caused by the device in actual operation.