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  • Product: Benzene Washing Tower
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  Benzene washing tower is a major device in the benzene elution section and its main function is to absorb benzene and naphthalene in the coke oven gas with atmospheric pressure absorption method.
  Benzene washing tower types used in coking plants mainly include packed towers, plate towers, and air spray towers. We mainly produce packed towers, which use stainless steel corrugated boards as packing in the absorption and mist catching sections. Inside of the tower is installed with a piece of liquid redistribution board every certain distance, which can ensure the washing oil spread on the tower’s cross section evenly, avoid washing oil from flowing down along the tower wall, therefore, packed towers   have the advantages of small resistance, not easy to plug, high absorption efficiency, etc.
  We can design and make the benzene washing tower according to users’ coke oven gas quantity.