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No. 588, Slender West Lake Road, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China
Chairman of the Board:Zhang Yuanhe
Wu Guoliang 13912133421
Tang Zhiming
        Person is the primary element of productivity. It is both the main body of the enterprise and also the core of enterprise management. From the personnel concept of “Personnel Cultivation First, Factory Establishment Second” to the cultural connotation of “Jinyuan is a school but more a warm home”, Jinyuan puts personnel at the primary position of enterprise management, firmly centers on the ideology of “serving employees and relying on employees heart and soul” and carries out the cultural construction work. Jinyuan works hard to build a kind of cultural atmosphere of “being full of vigor and powerful cohesion internally; being trusted by users and winning support around externally”.
        To govern an enterprise with law stresses the seriousness of Jinyuan standardization construction. Standard is the “law” of an enterprise. All enterprise activities should be carried out in the fame of standard. “Standard is first, general manager second and everyone is equal in front of the standard”, this is the principle Jinyuan has adhered to in its standardization construction. To replace “rule by man” with “rule by law” can overcome enterprise development fluctuations caused by individual will, emotion, thought deviation, and profiling error. To establish a scientific and reasonable standard to manage the enterprise and standardize staff behavior is conducive to guaranteeing the long-term and stable development of the enterprise.
        To thrive the enterprise with quality. Quality is the life of an enterprise and products represent morality. Jinyuan people do not consider how to cope with and overwhelm competitors, but focus on how to comprehensively lead all the competitors ahead from product quality. Because Jinyuan people believe in market economy competitors are always there and only being skillful in management and improving products’ technical content is the key to lead the market. Jinyuan always adheres to the quality policy of “providing the society with quality products”, survives by quality, develops by reputation and takes quality as the cornerstone and golden key for enterprise survival and development.
        Innovation is the soul of an enterprise and the vitality of enterprise development. It is first reflected in the concept innovation of Jinyuan staff. The company has broken through the traditional concepts and awareness, constantly increased investment in technological transformation and new product research and development, and created its own brand. Specifically, Jinyuan has made innovation in its system, mechanism and management. The company develops and grows in innovation, realizes large-scale benefits, and builds itself into a more competitive business.